Stephen brings nearly 30 years of strategic and technical thinking to drive business and technology alignment.

What I do

Application Guidance

Helping drive focus on product development from MVP through architecture to full product.


Helping assess and strengthen businesses infrastructure, security and disaster recovery stance.

Startup Mentor

Providing the bridge between company vision and technology enablement.

more about me


Stephen Kellogg is a CTO at Teric Technology. Bringing nearly 30 years of professional experience to this role, he has a passion for people, teams, process refinement and producing successful outcomes. This passion adds to many years of CTO / CIO level experience building products and services and defining technology solutions for many small to medium sized businesses in various industries. His background includes creating and launching products .

and managing local and remote software development and network engineering teams, vendors, and budgets. He has been heavily involved in all aspects of companies, partnering with (or managing) marketing, sales, implementation, and support teams, to align teams and processes to company and client needs. This encompasses strategic planning and decision making in products, technology, and business direction as well as spearheading new product ideas and nurturing them from concept through marketing, sales, implementation, rollout, and support. He has performed in all positions of an agile team (Developer, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Mentor), Managing Development, IT, Product and Support teams both locally and remotely in the U.S. as well as India, Romania, Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Stephen enjoys working closely with stakeholders, design, marketing, sales and technical teams and bridging the gaps between C-level, Clients, and technical teams. He has worked in full time CTO / CIO / Director positions in various industries including Engineering and Architecture, a SaaS development company serving the Real estate and Broker vertical as well as a Custom Software Development shops which produced commercial, local government and military software solutions. Stephen has worked in a fractional CTO/CIO capacity providing guidance for 50+ companies ranging in industries from Medical, Legal, Accounting, Insurance and Transportation Services to Non-Profits, Chamber and Society organizations, Construction, Civil Engineering, BIO Tech, Cyber Security and more. When not in the exciting world of start-up, small and medium sized business growth, Stephen enjoys many activities including being active in Agile communities, guesting on podcasts, fishing and getting outdoors in general, shooting pool and playing videogames. He has personal blogs around poetry and photography and is working on a book in the fantasy adventure genre.

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